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Our Company
iHORRY Corporation delivers professional solutions to numerous Fortune Global 500 and local listed enterprises and helps them succeed worldwide

iHORRY engineers, manufactures and markets kinds of intelligent high-end equipment, covering 3D/2D AOI ( automatic optical inspection), 3D SPI(solder paste inspection) , Lasermarking, X-ray counting, AXI( automatic X-ray inspection) etc.

Product lines are trusted for applying to PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) , SMT(Surface Mounted Technology) and THT(Through Hole Technology) processing. With the function of high-speed intelligent and accurate detection, counting and analysis of appearance defects, they serve end users to enhance yield, improve quality and manufacturing procedures, thus bringing them potential value growth. All the products are in line with the design concept of Smart Factory and Light House.

iHORRY is powered by numerous experts specializing in the field of machine vision and computer image processing, intelligent high-end equipment and artificial intelligence. Thanks to several patented technologies, it constantly update customers with new models and features, filling the technical blanks in the industry.

We support our products with technical services covering every stage from equipment installation to operation and debugging, from maintenance, repair to product technology upgrade. We also offer customers with free upgrade of system software for life, and spare no effort to solve their worries.

Looking forward, iHORRY will continuously pursue strategic target to build national flagship brand in high-end intelligent equipment, while living its core values of integrity, inclusiveness, innovation, entrepreneurship, excellence, and mutual benefits.

iHORRY perfects your quality with craftsmanship and smarten your manufacturing with intelligence!