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X-Ray Counting Machine

X-Ray Counting Machine

X-Ray Counting Machine

X-Ray Counting Machine

Technical Specification & Product Features
  • High accuracy, high reliability

    The accuracy of counting is above 99.9%

  • High speed and stable running

    A single test can be finished within 10 seconds, one run can detect four plates of 7-inch material or one plate of 15-inch material; A maximum of 7000 plates of material can be detected in 2 shifts per day

  • Automatic label printing

    With built-in material level sensor, it prints corresponding material label in random material-picking to prevent mislabeling

  • Support connection to MES/WMS/ERP system

    Testing results can be uploaded into system in real time, and customized interactive logic can also be realized

  • Applicable to all kinds of discoid materials

    SMD devices above 01005 with thickness less than 6cm

  • Strict protection

    Equipped with electronic interlocking device; the radiation can be immediately cut off if the protective door is accidentally opened. Radiation protection meets European standards, up to 0.5uSv/h