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Desktop 2D AOI

Desktop 2D AOI

Desktop 2D AOI

Desktop 2D AOI

Technical Specification & Product Features
  • DISP technology

    Dynamic seamless patchwork of multi-frame images of the entire PCB

  • Large range bending compensation

    Large aperture telecentric lens, no squint, low distortion, large depth of field

  • High precision motion control system

    AC servo motor + precision ball screw linear guide set

  • Visual system

    Ultra-high frame rate color digital camera

  • High speed, high precision

    High speed shuttle image capture

  • Latest Innovation

    GPU assist to inspect the Extra-Component, Solder Ball

  • Trace-back function

    Output,save and trace all the entire PCB image

  • Lighting system

    High brightness, multi-angle LED lighting

  • Real time

    Real-time SPC system counting