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【 Extraordinary Craftsman · Review 】To perfect quality with craftsmanship To smarten manufacturing with intelligence

Intelligent AOI (automatic optical inspection) machine is a kind of high speed and high precision optical image inspection system. It uses  machine vision with artificial intelligence as the standard inspection technology in order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional manual visual inspection. Its applications cover from high-tech research and development, manufacturing, quality control to national defense, people's livelihood, medical, environmental protection, electric power and other fields. Since its start-up in a small garage in 2006, Shanghai iHorry Machines Co., Ltd. has grown up and become the business partner of many global Fortune 500 enterprises. Today, let's discover more about iHORRY.

Welcome to review this issue of "Extraordinary Craftsman" -- " To perfect qualitywith craftsmanship;To smarten manufacturing with intelligence"

Shanghai iHorry Machines Co., Ltd.

【非凡匠人·回顾】匠心守护品质 智造您的制造(图1)

The founder, Cliton Cheng, graduated from Shandong University in 2000, is a technophiles. With experience and toughening in AOI as salesman, R&D experts and after sales service, he decided to start up his own business in 2006.

【非凡匠人·回顾】匠心守护品质 智造您的制造(图2)

With the spirit of craftsmanship, iHORRY grows up at an astonishing speed, and is favored and acknowledged by global Fortune 500 and numerous local listed companies, who purchase and use iHORRY portfolio for appearance quality inspection and quality assurance in PCB assembly process. 

【非凡匠人·回顾】匠心守护品质 智造您的制造(图3)

In 2020, iHORRY invests nearly RMB three hundred million to construct its own R&D and production site, where iHORRY people will pursue their dream in science and technology, fully exploit their creativity and innovation. We are firmly convinced that, by carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship, iHORRY will blossom and yield fruits, continuouisly contributing to the revitalization of national brands.  

【非凡匠人·回顾】匠心守护品质 智造您的制造(图4)

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