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Shanghai iHORRY presents in the theme exhibition of "Big Brand China Ingenuity"

Shanghai iHORRY presents in the theme exhibition of "Big Brand China Ingenuity" 




On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Communist Party of China, as an outstanding player in the industry of intelligent machine vision, Shanghai iHorry Machines Co., Ltd. is invited to present in the theme exhibition named "Big Brand Chinese Ingenuity"  initiated by "Brand China" Television program. During the exhibition, its advertising posters will be shown in Beijing subway line 1 for one month from June 20, 2021 to July 18, 2021.


iHORRY engineers, manufactures and markets kinds of intelligent high-end equipment, including 3D/2D AOI ( automatic optical inspection), 3D SPI(solder paste inspection) , Lasermarking, X-ray feeding, AXI( automatic X-ray inspection) etc. 

Its product lines are trusted for applying to PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) , SMT(Surface Mounted Technology) and THT(Through Hole Technology) processing. With the function of high-speed intelligent and accurate detection, counting and analysis of appearance defects, they serve end users to enhance yield, improve quality and manufacturing procedures, thus bringing them potential value growth.  


Since its start in 2006, iHORRY is committed to helping its customers to enhance quality by living its core values of striving for excellence with ingenuity.

During its more than one decade journey, it firmly believe that craftsmanship is not only the inheritance of Chinese civilization, but also play the key role in the self-improvement of Made-in-China goods. 


With the spirit of craftsmanship, iHORRY is favored and acknowledged by global Fortune 500 and numerous local listed companies who purchase and use iHORRY portfolio for appearance quality inspection and quality assurance in PCB assembly process.


iHORRY perfects quality with craftsmanship and smartens manufacturing with intelligence!

上海赫立亮相北京地铁一号线《品牌中国》之“大国品牌 中国匠心”主题巡展!(图7)

上海赫立亮相北京地铁一号线《品牌中国》之“大国品牌 中国匠心”主题巡展!(图8)











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